Bingham Plucking Machines

Manufactures and Distributors of the world famous Bingham Dry Plucking Machine, the original and finest British made dry plucking machine available. Used by commercial and domestic customers world wide for over 60 years.

The Bingham Plucker is hand built in the UK, the new 2019 Super plucker is the finest dry plucking machine available, capable of plucking all game and domestic fowl to include turkeys and geese to the best possible standard with high throughput.

From £2250 plus vat

Bingham Spares

As the Manufacture of the Bingham Plucker, we supply a full range of spare parts and repair kits for our machines

Other Products

We also manuafcture and supply a range of ancillary products such as sinew pullers and humane dispatchers 

Service & Repairs

We offer a full service and repair option if your machine is needing a service or has a broken part you would like repairing. 

Watch the Bingham Plucker in Action

Bingham Super Plucker MK111

The Bingham Plucker is used world wide by domestic and commercial customers, from game dealers, meat processors and butchers to game shooters and smaller holders.

The Bingham Plucker is capable of plucking all game and domestic fowl:

  • Pigeon = 30 seconds
  • Pheasant & Partridge = 60 seconds
  • Duck = 1.5 minutes
  • Chickens = 3.5 minutes
  • Turkey = 5-8 minutes
  • Geese = 8-10 mins

Manufactured in the UK for over 60 years!


Cost from £2250 plus vat

Manufactures of the Bingham Super Plucker.

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